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You've got talent. I'm not really following this as this is the first thing I see of this (therefor its kinda boring for me). Pull everything together and release it as a full lenght feature or something. That would be...cool...

One tip: There are unnatural pauzes between dialogs. A way to fix this is to record everything in a DAW (Adobe Audition, audacity, take your pick) and export a scene into one mp3.
Not only does this take care of those weird pauzes, audio-events clitching up the place, etc, it will also severly reduce the file-size. Instead of having 60 0.3 mb mp3s you have 1 2 mb track.

AdamTilford responds:

All the current episodes are released in full length.

http://azure-productions.com/sh_episo des.html

And for the 3rd one since the link on that page didn't update yet is


All the episodes and content are updated far more often on my website than on NG.

I use Audition and Soundbooth. It's more of a putting them closer together honestly. Exporting as a single mp3 won't work since there would be different actions going on and it would require me to do all the FBF in the main scene which usually results in lag. I learned this during the first episode, this is why each line and character has their own movie clip, it prevents any major lag time. So for what I need it to do, I can't put all the lines together.


I always loved your work. The aesthetic can be compared to eating salty raw sea-weed. I can feel it in my nose and teeth.
Your skill as an animator is going up...but your story-telling abilities are dropping down. This could just be my disliking of transvastites, though.
I say more shroomy wackyness and less transvastigial erotism.

Ps, just to fit in with the crowd, here are two words for you. "Awesome" and "random".

Sexual-Lobster responds:

there's nothing earthier than seaweed in your nose!

it's true that it is less "random" (though i'm convinced that's a good thing), but yes this is an attempt at a different style of story, one with more drama to draw people in and keep the viewer interest (and my interest) up for later installments.

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I liked it.

This is quality stuff. Only thing I have some critique on is that there is no challenge. Keep up the good work.

Loved the idea

Absolutely loved the idea, I just wish there where more to it. I say continue with this idea. Rethink a couple of things, and keep the theme going. Don't leave it (why the hell was I in mario land all of the sudden?).


great to see voxel in flash, but this game is broke.

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If you're going to steal my music, at least steal a GOOD track.

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